The Proposal

We are Engaged and getting married February 19, 2010.

Paul proposed November 4, 2009. He had his friend come pick me up at my house, blindfold me and then took me to the planned destination. In the car I thought he was just killing time asking all sorts of questions. For example, if you could have dessert with Paul would you choose carrot cake or cheesecake? I said cheesecake. His friend did the same thing with what type of flowers, what Paul would be wearing, and what songs to dance to etc. Little did I know another friend was hiding in the back seat of the car and texting Paul all the answers that I responded to.

Meanwhile, Paul and his sister Alisa were at our favorite park (Freestone Park) receiving all the text messages and setting up exactly what I had answered. When I arrived, and the blindfold was taken off, I was sitting in the middle of a huge field at a table covered in roses, my favorite songs were playing and I was staring into Paul's glassy eyes. He was so nervous he barley touched his red velvet cheesecake. This is rare! I was so nervous... I gobbled mine down! We chatted and then he asked me to dance to one of our Favorite songs, "Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You" by Lady Antabellum. Then as our other favorite song, "Making Memories of Us" by Keith Urban came on, Paul finally dropped to one knee and asked the big question! I was so happy! I said yes and fell to the ground with him to hug him.

The rest is history!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Beginning the Journey!

We finally got married February 19th and the wedding after math has been fabulous. Both Paul and I had many friends and tons of family who attended the temple and come to the reception. The sealing was beautiful and we spent the rest of the afternoon shooting our wedding video. It sounds like it would be boring but we just walked around and were Lovey Dovey ;) It was great. The reception started at 6:30 and went really well. The food tasted great and since we were busy during the reception, we took a huge basket with us and ate it the next day! I could not have imagined a more fun wedding for us. There was lots of mingling, dancing, laughter and love. I danced my heart out! We left the reception stayed the night at a hotel, opened presents in the morning, then packed to leave for our honeymoon that night. We arrived at the airport to leave and there was no one in at our terminal…weird… just a maid vacuuming. I thought, “umm… lets ask another airline why no one is here” Paul looked at the itinerary and then his eyes got very big. We were not supposed to leave until the NEXT night. We laughed so hard and had our ride come back and pick us up. Needless to say we left the next night very prepared!

I totally got him!!

My bridesmaids

Paul,his brother Dan ,and his nephew Jayton

Once we get our wedding pictures back from our photographer I will be adding a lot more!

The Dominican Republic was beautiful, very tropical! We spent our time lying in the sun, kayaking, eating great food, visiting little shops along the beach, and taking a tour of the city and surrounding areas. My favorite part was bargaining with locals while Paul translated my bargaining skills into Spanish. It was always entertaining. The locals loved him because he spoke Spanish. Their faces would light up and they would hug him as soon as he started speaking. His Spanish got us lots of good deals!!! It was an amazing trip and very much needed after such a busy time during all the wedding plans.

Preparing to Bargain at the local shops!

Now we are back in Mesa, and back to real life. We think everyone should get a month off after you get married to adjust and enjoy each other before you have to go back to work! Since we’ve been back we’ve been spending our weekends doing all kinds of fun things: rodeos, Cubs games, charity walks, visiting Show Low where Paul’s parents live, and we even spent our one month anniversary hiking around Sedona. That was my favorite! It’s such a beautiful place with lots of red rock! We stayed at the cutest bed and breakfast and the inn keeper even bought us a Sedona book for our anniversary.

The Nami charity walk(National Alliance against Mental Illness)

The Professional Bull Riding tour


My Mountain Man- Ringing the Door bell at the Fabulous Lantern Inn

Our AMAZING Breakfast. The inn keeper bought us a Sedona book and lit a candle in a muffin to wish us a happy one month
About to watch the sun set over the Red rocks

We moved into a condo on the border of Mesa and Gilbert. The commute is such a nightmare for me to my office, but we still love the location. We spend the rest of our spare time setting it up and decorating. I got a vase from Paul while we were dating that we have always really liked. Paul likes to keep it full by bringing me flowers. A week and half ago he brought home some tulips and put them in the vase. When I came home I did not notice them. He kept waiting for me to see and of course I didn’t. Once he finally pointed them out, I said they were beautiful! But I am so stubborn and I could not admit that I did not see them. I said, “I thought they were to decorate the house”. Well, this week I came home to see a dozen roses wrapped in a thick rope tied to the ceiling fan and then linked to our bedroom door to keep them suspended in the air. I thought, “what is he doing?”, I walked closer and noticed a note on top of the flowers. I think my husband is a bigger smart-aleck than me! The note read, “this is so the house doesn’t think the flowers are for her, they are for you!” I laughed and learned my lesson!! Married life is great. I have no idea why I stayed single so long. It’s not nearly as good! And I’m pretty sure the best is yet to come!!!

This what happens when two stubborn know-it-alls get married!!